Rector woman finds stray pups in need of a home

RECTOR, AR (KAIT)- Five puppies in Clay County are in need of a home after being dropped off on a county road in Rector three weeks ago.

Karen Meredith lives just down the road from where the puppies were dropped off.

"They are living in the culvert and the culvert is so deep that it fills with water from the fields," Meredith said.

And as much as Meredith wants to keep the puppies she just doesn't have the room. She said it's breaking her heart that she can't take them in her home.

"I have no where to keep them, even if I did get them I have no where to put them,"she said.

Meredith has made calls around the county to find the puppies a home but so far she has had no luck.

"I called P.A.W.S. and of course they were full, I called the Humane Society in Jonesboro they were full," she said.

Meredith said Clay County definitely has a problem with stray animals on the roads.

"You will see them going down the gravel road and going up where the Missouri bridge meets Arkansas," she said.

"There was a weenie dog dropped off 4 days ago I don't know where it went."

But it's not just Clay County, we reported earlier this month that Craighead County also has a problem with stray animals. In Mississippi County, the  Blytheville Humane Society is recommending a spray and neuter ordinance because of all the strays running around the city.

Meredith said she goes back and forth three times a day to bring the puppies food and water.

"Every morning I mix up a big bowl of food take cold water I sit with them, I've got a couple that will come up and let me touch them but I couldn't pick them up," Meredith said.

She said the puppies are vicious just scared. She said she doesn't understand how someone can dump a little animal.

"If you don't have the funds to take care of them you shouldn't get them," she said.

"Please don't dump them, it's not their fault."

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