Brookland police seek help to find stolen city truck

Stolen Brookland utility truck
Stolen Brookland utility truck
Stolen Brookland utility truck
Stolen Brookland utility truck
Stolen Brookland utility truck
Stolen Brookland utility truck

BROOKLAND, AR (KAIT) – The City of Brookland is seeking thepublic's help to catch a thief.

Someone apparently stole a utility truck filled with tools froma Brookland city shop last week.

"It's kind of a secluded area," says Capt. Jon Moore withBrookland Police about the shop's location, "and nobody saw or heard anything."

Some of the Brookland city employees arrived to the shop onMay 23 and saw signs of a botched break-in.

"They [the workers] noticed that somebody had tried to gainentry to one of the city shops," Capt. Moore said, "and they noticed damaged tothe door and one of the sliding doors."

Moore says the thieves failed to break into the shop, but itappears they looked nearby to see what else could be taken. What they took wasthe city's newest utility truck parked a few feet from the shop that still hadkeys inside.

"Nobody has seen the truck," Moore says. "It's just gone. Imean, I don't know where it went."

The stolen truck is a 2008 white Ford F-150, which has anemergency light attached to the top and also has stickers on the sides with theCity of Brookland logos and the words 'Please Recycle.'

"With the city logos on the side, it ought to be pretty easyto spot unless they've taken them off," Moore says.

Moore says the city estimates the cost of everything stolen at$15,000.

The Brookland Police Department has chased down a few leadsrelated to the case, but the search for the stolen items has come up empty. That'swhy officers are now hoping the community can help them find what's missing.

"We need the community to please be on the lookout for it,"Moore says. "Being a small community, things like this are vital to us. We askthat everybody keep their eyes open and help us get our truck found."

Anyone that has seen the truck recently or knows where it isshould call authorities at the following numbers: Jonesboro CrimeStoppers870-935-STOP; Jonesboro E-911 870-935-5551; or the Brookland Police Departmentat 870-336-2073.

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