Stay Safe From The Sun This Summer

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - It's starting to feel more like summer outside and that means it's time to break-out the sunscreen.

"I recommend generally a 30 or higher," said Dr. Lowery Beck.

It's not just for those with fair skin said Dr. Beck with the Apache Children's Clinic. However, for those who do burn easier, anything less can be bad for your skin.

"A person that's maybe fair skin and burns real easily, you're going to need to use a higher SPF than that," said Dr. Beck. "You're probably going to need to apply it more frequently."

Natalie Sawyer is a mom of two boys. She said her kids have very light skin and so protection from the sun is not something she handles lightly.

"Neutrogena makes this little baby stick and I use that on their faces and I think its SPF 50," said Sawyer. "I typically use the cream more often than the spray."

Dr. Beck suggests a good amount of protection, even an extra layer just to be safe.

"You want to really cake it on there," said Dr. Beck. "We call it using a wall or barrier where you put a whole wall of it and I even recommend a second wall on top of the first one for the spots you missed the first time around."

When it comes to reapplying throughout the day, be sure to keep track of time, especially when in and out of the water.

"I recommend doing it at least every two hours, more often if you're fair skinned," said Dr. Beck.

Many ask, how young is too young when it comes to sun block? Dr. Beck said sun protection is recommended at a certain age.

"You can use sunscreen six months and up because if they are under than six months we don't really like them being out in the sun," said Dr. Beck.

When looking for the best protection out there, be sure to check the labels for these two ingredients.

"Two bases I think are more affective in kids are zinc and titanium and so I would recommend reading your labels on the sunscreen," said Dr. Beck.

Be sure to remember that sunscreen should not only be used by the pool. Sawyer said if she knows her kids will be outside, they'll apply before they even get out the door.

"In spring and summer I usually just do it starting off the day, putting sun screen on them," said Sawyer.

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