Police remind drivers, pedestrians on safety during summer months

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Most schools in Region 8 are on their last days of classes, meaning summer vacation is drawing very near.
As more kids will be outside playing, police are reminding drivers to keep vigilant and telling kids to play their part in safety too.
"Not being in school, children want to get outside and play and enjoy the summertime weather," Sgt. Lyle Waterworth with the Jonesboro Police Department told Region 8 News.
"Pay attention to things outside of just the immediate area of your car," Waterworth said. He advised drivers to not only drive the speed limit, but keep your eyes on the road as well.
"Keep your eye on the next intersection, the next place where a ball may come out or a bicycle may come out. Always look ahead of where they are, not just where they're driving," Waterworth explained.
It's not just those behind the wheel who need to pay attention.
"If you're on a bicycle, watch for other kids on a bicycle. Watch for cars on the road, watch for people on the sidewalk," he said.
As already this year, a Region 8 girl was hit by a car after she rode her bicycle into traffic. Waterworth said awareness has to work both ways.
"If they're walking along the side of the street, always pay attention to the cars coming towards you. If you can't walk on the sidewalk, and you have to walk in the roadway, walk opposite of the traffic so you can see the cars coming at you."
Waterworth also wants to remind everyone that certain modes of transportation are illegal on the streets.
"Summertime is also a time for communities to get together and sometimes people break the law and ride a four wheelers or golf cart on the street," Waterworth said. "Do not ride your ATV on the street, do not ride your golfcart on the street, it's a violation of Arkansas law."
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