Pocahontas Police land grant to improve safety and response time

POCAHONTAS, AR (KAIT) - Grant money is bringing one smaller, Region 8 police department up to date with technology.

"We can type the report up, have it done and to CID in probably 5 to 10 minutes," Pocahontas Police Officer, Dane Dillion told Region 8 News.

Previously, officers would hand write reports after an incident in the field.

"Sitting down to write it, being called out because it takes longer to write it and then it could be the end of the day before CID gets it," Dillion said.

Officer Dane Dillion with the Pocahontas Police Department said the grant money they received to update their computers and server has made a big difference in how quickly they can get things done.

"We've been actively seeking something for the past year," Chief Cecil Tackett said.

Tackett said along with that new server, the $12,000 grant provided them with five new computers. The server, however, is what they were really needing.

"That's probably the best administrative tool we've got at this point...that we've ever had," Tackett explained.

That's because before they'd have to look through reports by hand.

"Physically thumbing through reports, some that go back months, even years," he said. "Oh, it would take a day or two sometimes, in some cases, to find the information we were needing the old way. The paper trail way. But with this? It's just click a button and you're there."

Saving the department time, as well as money and space.

"Storing the files isn't a problem anymore," Tackett said. "They're stored off site by the server. We don't have to keep logs of information."

"Even though we are a smaller department, having the same capabilities as say, some of the larger departments in Arkansas, it means a lot," Dillion said.

$5,000 of the $12,000 grant was provided to the department from Prosecuting Attorney, Henry Boyce.

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