JPD: Man charged in bomb threat against factory

Mark Settle (Source: Craighead County Jail)
Mark Settle (Source: Craighead County Jail)

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A man was charged with falselycommunicating a terroristic threat, after he joked about blowing up the factoryhe worked at on Friday.

According to Jonesboro Police, 41-year-old Mark Settle works atthe Great Dane plant in Jonesboro.

Police say Settle was on break with a couple of his coworkers,when he pulled out a circuit board from his lunch bag and said that was what hewas going to use to blow up the plant.

Settle then told his coworkers if anyone asked about the bomb threathe would tell them he was only joking.

When the manager found out he called police and told them aboutthe threat.

While being questioned, Settle told police it was all a joke andit was a common saying at the plant.

Police were only able to question two witnesses because otherswere scared for their safety.

Both witnesses said apart the circuit board they saw he had wiressticking out from his lunch bag.

When searching Settle's bag they found two small circuits, smallwires, a white circuit board, and a small wiring harness.

Settle told police the parts came in the mail that morning whichhe was going to use to fix an X-box console.

He is being held at the Craighead County Jail.

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