Hardest hit homes, businesses from storm winds

JONESBORO, AR(KAIT)- As the rainfall continues to fall there have been numerous reports of storm damage and flooding around town.

Most damage was off N.Main Street in Jonesboro where multiple businesses were hit around 9:30 am Saturday morning. A building belonging to a feed company was destroyed and left without power.

The New Saint John Church across the street from the feed company, sustained damage to the windows of the church vans. The roof of the Mexican restaurant on E. Word was also damaged. There was also a tree down on Third Street.

And with lots of rain comes flooding. Residents on one Jonesboro Road said they worry every time it rains.

"Last three years we have had lots of flooding, but this one is getting to be worse this year," said Jonesboro resident Jerry Loyd. Loyd lives on Wilkinson Dr. off Hwy 49.

"We hate to see the next rain come because it will probably be in our house," Loyd said.

Jerry Loyd  has lived on Wilkinson Drive in Jonesboro for 25 years and says the flooding has gotten worse. He says after every rain his front and backyard are usually washed out.

"When it floods I mean it floods it comes all up in my yard in my backyard get flooded and my neighbors over there are getting flooded," Loyd said.

He said when the road was widened a few years ago some of the tiles were removed and now the new tiles can't hold up.

He said the city plans to come out on Monday to work on the ditches and to put a new tile across the road.

"It got in the garage this time and I got a carpet in there,the water got in there and ruined it," Loyd said.

Loyd said he does not look forward to the next rain.

"I don't know what they are going to do about it but they have to do something," he said.

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