Cancer survivors tell their stories

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Sunday is National Cancer Survivors Day and both St. Bernards and NEA Baptist are celebrating those who have beat cancer.

"When someone diagnoses you and says you have cancer, your mind just kind of stops for a minute," said Cancer Survivor Susan Johnson.

Johnson is a patient at St. Bernards and a four time cancer survivor. She said each time she was going through treatment, it was the support of family and friends that helped her beat it.

"You're still trying to take care of your families and the people that love you but let me tell you something, thank God he made families," said Johnson.

It was also the doctors at St. Bernards that stood by her side and guided her every step of the way to recovery.

"I can't help but thank the Lord first and foremost but those doctors in there are brilliant," said Johnson.

Johnson is now in recovery and is getting to experience things she's always wanted.

"I've got a grand baby that's coming on Wednesday and I'm here," said Johnson. "I get to hold that grand baby."

Kristina Moss was diagnosed with breast cancer at just 29-years-old and believes attitude can make all the difference.

"Positivity is exactly what it takes," said Moss. "Without it you would not be able to even make it through your day."

She is was a patient at NEA Baptist and said the doctors and their staff helped her fight through the chemo.

"They knew you by name, they called and checked on you and without them it just wouldn't have been the same," said Moss.

However, it was the twenty kindergartners she taught that brought a smile to her face each and every day.

"I think it was their enthusiasm on how much they wanted me to be back," said Moss.

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