Softball teams step-up to the plate to help Miracle League

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Southside Softball Complex was empty on Sunday afternoon, void of all people except Sharron Turman, Jonesboro's Softball Coordinator.

The park should have been full of teams and parents hopeful to take on the Mt. Dew Classic trophy. But instead heavy rains on Saturday forced the tournament to be canceled. "We even looked at having some games on Nettleton, Jonesboro, and Valley View's fields but those were covered with water also," said Turman, "We just didn't see any way we could have it."

One of the worst downfalls of the tournament being canceled was losing the proceeds, which this year were scheduled to go toward the new Miracle League Field being built in Jonesboro at the Southside Softball Complex.

"We still had to pay umpires from Friday's games and part of Saturday, plus we had bought several thousands of dollars worth of t-shirts and trophies," said Turman as she looked over the rain soaked fields. When the games were canceled, that money still had to be handed out. Not only would they lose the money on shirts and gate admission, but they also would need to refund the entry fee to the teams.

Turman finished wrapping up her duties and getting the umpires paid on Saturday following the cancellation and then headed to her office to post a Facebook status on the Southside Softball Complex's page about the tournament cancellation, that's when she says she got a nice surprise.

"I started looking at Facebook and saw where one team after another was saying 'ya'll keep the entry fee we want it to go toward the Miracle League'," said Turman with a smile on her face. She said she was overwhelmed by the show of support, "It just warmed my heart. When I read that I just started to cry, I'm going to cry now," she added with tears in her eyes.

She didn't know exactly how much money would be made but did say there was still some costs to take care of. Turman also said there was several things they need to do for refunds when it comes to the entry fees before they can actually except donations.

Turman said she wanted to express her thanks to everyone who was involved with the tournament or the Miracle League, "There are so many people besides me up here and I want to make sure everyone knows that, thank you to everyone."

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