New drug dog makes big bust for small department

Drugs located during weekend traffic stop
Drugs located during weekend traffic stop
Officer Golden and Sarge
Officer Golden and Sarge

ALICIA, AR (KAIT) - A very big bust for a very small department over the weekend. Resulting in getting everything from marijuana to black tar heroin off the streets. It's all thanks to their rookie officer, who has only been certified and on the job for two months.

Sarge is the new guy on the streets, and the four legged cop is already making a big difference.

"This highway, it carries a lot of drugs through here," Officer Garrett Golden said about Highway 67 that runs through Alicia. That's one of the main reasons the Alicia Police Department decided to get a drug dog.

After a traffic stop this weekend, Sarge hit big.

"I asked the driver where they were coming from and he got nervous and looked at the passenger and then he looked at me and stated they were '...coming from the state of Arkansas, sir.' And I said...'well, you're still here,'" Officer Golden explained.

Golden said Alex Niemeyer and Marco Dominique's stories weren't adding up either.

After consent to search the car, and finding scales and multiple plastic baggies, Golden let Sarge do his job.

"I went ahead and deployed the dog on the vehicle in the trunk area," Golden explained. "Inside the body of the car was, y'know, all those drugs were packaged up inside the quarter panels there,"

"Black tar heroin, LSD, marijuana, and MDMC, a type of a methanol. We're all gonna have that sent to the crime lab," Alicia Police Chief, Doug Wicker told Region 8 News.

Wicker said this was a big bust for his department. "One of the biggest ones I've seen so far."

A bust they might not have made without the help of Sarge.

"Without a dog pinpointing, giving you a good idea of where it's at, you're probably not gonna find it," Golden said.

Officer Golden is hoping his golden retriever will help deter a lot of drugs in that area.

"It's just a matter of catching it," Golden said. "The dog's definitely gonna cut down the crime rate. The drug traffcking through here, it's gonna drastically decrease. Just the presence of people knowing there's a K9 unit."

Niemeyer and Dominique are currently in the Lawrence County Jail awaiting extradition.

Niemeyer is wanted out of the Illinois Department of Corrections on a parole violation. Dominique is wanted out of Missouri on multiple warrants.

They're set to have a bond hearing later this week.

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