Drug Dog's Big Bust

Region 8 News Monday Evening Update – Here is a look at some ofthe stories the Region 8 News department is working on for Region 8 News at10.

Drug Dog's Big Bust

The Alicia Police Department may be small in number, butthat didn't hinder them from making a big bust. Tonight at 10, Allison Munnintroduces us to Officer Golden and Sarge, the newly certified drug dog that detectedthe crime.

IRS Hearings

Is the IRS dancing with your tax dollars? The agency isbeing accused of spending millions of dollars at employee conferences. OnRegion 8 News at 10, we will take a closer look at this latest controversy.

A Cymbal of Freedom

The National Anthem is a representation of freedom and theAmerican foundation. At 10, check out how this junior high school band memberavoided disaster with a "cymbal-ic" act.

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