Road construction frustrating residents

HORNERSVILLE, MO (KAIT) - Hornersville residents are concerned about a highway construction project taking place in Dunklin County.

According to a notice posted on the Missouri Department of Transportation web site, "Route Y in Dunklin County will be closed as contractor crews replace the bridge with a box culvert over Buffalo Creek.

This section of roadway is located between County Road 532 and County Road 536.

The bridge is scheduled to reopen by 7 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 15."

Hornersville Mayor William Foresythe says Hornersville residents are the people primarily affected by the three month construction project, but were not notified of it by MoDOT.

He says the project is a major inconvenience because Route Y is heavily traveled by people who commute to work in Kennett.

"We do a lot of business in Kennett. The majority of the people here either work in Kennett or Paragould and they're back and forth everyday," he said. "We're wanting to get a bypass around it. We don't care if they take the bridge out. That's fine, but we need a bypass around it because it's going to shut Hornersville down for three months."

Until construction is complete, drivers have to take another route through Senath, an alternative Hornersville fireman and first responder Terry Vaughn says is a loss of valuable time, especially in his line of work.

"If we're doing CPR on a person and they pick them up and have to get them to Kennett, three to five minutes they may not make it. Even though ambulances are real good at what they do, but time is the essence of emergencies."

Mayor Foresythe said he was told by a MoDOT representative that a town hall meeting was held in Senath about the project. "I asked did they have anybody to contest it, and they said 'No,' because nobody in Hornersville even knew about it," he said.

A sign is posted on a door at Hornersville City Hall notifying residents of the upcoming town hall meeting to discuss the issue.

The meeting is Monday, June 10, at 6 p.m. at the community building located at 300 Main St.

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