After deadly ATV accidents, safety officials reminding riders to be safe

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -   They may be fun to ride but they're not always safe. Extra protection can keep you and your family from getting hurt while riding an ATV.

"I recommend wearing the proper gear," said Jonesboro Cycle and ATV Employee Blake Simpkin.  "Wear helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, especially for the kids, adults are usually ok but I've seen a lot of adults get hurt."

Being reckless while driving can send you on a trip to the hospital in no time.

"I've seen a lot of road rash with people flipping their ATVs," said Simpkin.  "I've seen a lot of broken legs and especially a lot of broken arms."

Along with riding responsively, each driver should operate an ATV made specifically for their age group.

"They're some for five year olds and ten year olds," said Simpkin.  "There are warning stickers on most of the ATV's that tells you the age group."

For extra safety, Simpkin said there are things you can do to keep control on how your kids operate a four-wheeler.

"I've got ATVs that has a remote kill for the adults so you can kind of watch over your kids and kind of control it," said Simpkin.

If a child is driving or riding an ATV make sure there is always adult supervision.

"If you're going to let your kid ride on it definitely let the adults be there," said Simpkin.

Be sure to look for the number of people allowed on the ATV before riding it.

There are some four wheelers that allow two and some that allow one but usually I try not to ride more than one," said Simpkin.

Also, keep track of the weather. Anything more than rain can cause severe injuries.

"A little rain isn't going to hurt you but try to stay away from lightning," said Simpkin. "You don't want to get shocked, it does have a lot of metal on the ATV so you can definitely get hurt."

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