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Thayer, MO - Shannon Johnson Reports

California Traveler Gets Stuck In Thayer, Missouri in Odd Property Dispute

Posted September 2, 2004--6:50 p.m. CDT

THAYER, MO - Gary Schroeder was traveling through Thayer, Missouri when he decided to check into the Tally Ho Motel last Thursday. Little did he know he wouldn't be checking out anytime soon.

The air conditioner on Schroeder's camper caught the awning of the motel which caused some damage. "Where I come from if you have an accident you exchange insurance information," said Schroeder. 

Motel owner Robert Crase didn't have any insurance, so he made his own insurance by blocking in Schreoder's truck and camper with a tractor. "He's traveling through here and if I cut him lose I don't think I'll ever get paid for the damage," said Crase.

Schroeder said his insurance company offered to pay $10,000 for the damages, but Crase wanted $24,000. Crase also kicked Schroeder off the property, meaning everything he owned sat in front of the motel including his wife's cremated remains that he was taking to her hometown in New Jersey. Since Schroeder couldn't get his camper from the motel, he camped out on the front lawn of St. Peter United Methodist Church, which is across the street from Crase's motel. That way he was able to watch his belongings. Schroeder said the Thayer community has been very supportive. 

Thayer mayor, Allen Deckard, even offered to help Schroeder. Deckard contacted everyone from the prosecuting attorney to state legislators, but everyone he contacted said they couldn't help because it was a civil matter. "This is a joke as far as I'm concerned. I mean you won't believe how many people have been up here at this church to bring him food. He's desperate," said Mayor Deckard.

On Thurday, after the motel owner left the grounds, Schroeder decided to free his truck with a chainsaw. He's back on the road after being stuck in Thayer for a week. 

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