Facebook post motivated two local moms to organize a fundraiser

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)- A Facebook post from the Arkansas Children's Hospital made two mothers spring into action and put together a fundraiser.

Mica Dupwe and Ashley Hutcheson met for the first time Saturday after deciding to put together a fundraiser to raise money for a new Angel One helicopter for Arkansas Children's Hospital

Hutcheson said after seeing the post she immediately reached outto her friends on Facebook.

"One of my friends that I've never met before Mica commentedand said it would be good to do a fundraiser and that's how it got started," she said.

Dupwe and Hutcheson spent months planning the event via email.

"There are not any fundraisersspecifically for Angel Flight they are all for Arkansas Children's in general," Dupwe said.

For both mothers this fundraiser really hit home.

"My son when he was born had to take a flighton Angel One, it was right after birth, he was premature and born with a birthdefect," Hutcheson said.

Mica said she had he desire to give back to the hospital nine years ago when her little brother was born premature and had to be transported on AngelOne.

"Last May I had my youngestdaughter her cord was wrapped and she had Meconium Aspiration and she had tofly also," Dupwe said.

After having those experienceswith Angel One they both said they wanted to give back.

"Without them I honestly don't knowwhat would happen so anything I can give back to them is a blessing to me," Hutcheson said.

"We have to make sure that Angelstays flying," Dupwe said.

The event featured live music, a silent auction and a bake sale. Dupwe saidthis will definitely be an annual event.

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