Mission Outreach seeks help from community with new program

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT)- Mission Outreachin Paragould is seeing a record numberof children this summer in their soupkitchen and their 60 bed shelter. With the high demand of food, MissionOutreach has started a new program where the community has a chance to lend ahelping hand.

The programis called Adopt a Night and it gives individuals and local businesses a chanceto sponsor a night at the shelter paying for 200 meals in the soup kitchen andproviding shelter for 60 people.

"It's a timeof year where giving is typically down and so we were looking at ways to meetthe need so we just thought of if we could get individuals to adopt a singlenight," Executive Director Jamie Collins said.

Mission Outreach is the largest shelter inNortheast Arkansas.

"Adopt a Nightis to help us provide shelter and food and even more for those forthose who are finding themselves with food insecurity or without a place tolive," Collins said.

The costs is $215.00 to "Adopt a Night" at the shelter. Collins says they have been seeingrecord numbers and now that school is out more children depend on their soupkitchen to eat. In May alone, the Soup Kitchen served over 4,700 meals, thelargest number of the year.

"Our goal isto get a third of the nights for a year adopted that it would give us somebreathing room financially and allow us to stay focused on those who we areserving," she said.

Adopt aNight kicked off Wednesday. Collins said they have already had several individualsstep up and take on the challenge.

"Our Missionis to house the homeless, feed the hungry and care for the sick," she said.

Mission Outreach has a 60 bed shelter, an on-site soup kitchen that serves three meals a day. The shelter also has a food pantry and is partnered with Arkansas Methodist Medical Center to provide basic medical services. They also offer benevolent services that provides assistance with rent, fuel, utility and prescription medications.

Collins saidthey want to continue their to help those in need in the community.

"We want tobe the stop-gap service that steps in the moment of crisis and helpindividuals not only alleviate the crisis but hopefully not have to return hereagain," she said.

If you areinterested in Adopting a Night at Mission Outreach you can reach out to Jamie Collins at 870- 236-8080 or you can make a donation online at www.missionoutreachnea.com.

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