Newtown says 'Thank you' to Jonesboro family

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – A family in Jonesboro received a thank you letter from the community of Newtown, after their 8-year-old daughter sent a special gift to honor the 27 children and teachers killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.

After the Newtown shooting the town of Jonesboro sent several teddy bears for the children and families of Newtown

Nine-year-old Gracie Dhane had the idea to show her love and support to Newtown by sending not only teddy bears but twenty-seven hand-made hearts-, each with a bible verse in honor of the children and teachers who lost their lives.

"I put John 3:16 on all of the little hearts for the grown-ups and I put Jeremiah 29:11 and Matthew 5:8," said Gracie.

Just in time for her Ninth birthday, Gracie received a very special letter thanking her for the gifts she had sent.

"They really appreciated what I did and how I did it," said Gracie.

Shelley Dane is Gracie's mother and said it was such a neat surprise. She is very proud of her nine-year-old and her big heart.

"She spent all Saturday afternoon doing it and its really cool because sometimes you wonder, am I doing the right thing, am I teaching the right things and then God gives you confirmation when your child does something like this so it was pretty cool," said Shelley.

In the letter they thanked Gracie and told her who her bears had been given too and that they were forever grateful.

"Your bears were given to the walkers, whose sister Caroline perished, that day both days followed comfort in their cuddly bears."

Not only did she get a thank you for her creative hearts but for the many bears the community of Jonesboro had sent.

"We would like to thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your photo of the hearts with us," read Gracie.  "Our local fire department received a delivery of the amazing gifts from Jonesboro."

Each bear, card and heart was greatly appreciated by all members of the Newtown community.

"Please let everyone know that sent something our way that we thank them," read Gracie. "Every expression of concern has been deeply felt by this community and we praise God for your caring."

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