Hoxie PD seeing an increase in car break-ins

HOXIE, AR (KAIT) - Sticky fingers in Hoxie lead to police picking up patrols. A rash of car break-ins has the department requesting citizens do their part to keep from becoming victims as well.

"Big thing people take, navigation systems that mount on the windshield," Detective Eric Cheatham with the Hoxie Police Department told Region 8 News. From loose change to guns and everything in between, HPD has worked roughly a dozen car break-ins since the beginning of the year.

"Phones, iPods...just anything valuable," Cheatham explained. He said they don't expect the numbers to drop either.

"Summer months, our thefts do pick up."

That is, unless people stop making themselves easy targets.

"Late at night, they'll walk up and down the streets and they'll go by a vehicle, glance in...maybe see something valuable, check and see if they're locked, if they're not locked, they'll get in the vehicle," he explained

Cheatham said if citizens will do their part by keeping valuables out of sight and locking all of their car doors, it will help while the PD does their part to ensure these break-ins stop.

"We're doing our best by keeping an extra patrol out late at night and we stop a lot of people that walks up and down the street, especially after midnight."

If you do become a victim, Cheatham said call police.

"No matter how small it is because we don't know where we should concentrate more if we don't know what side of town is getting hit worst," he said.

Cheatham also suggests keeping an eye out for suspicious activity. He said if you notice something strange, especially late at night, call police.

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