Tips on how to beat the heat in Region 8

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - We all want to have fun in the sun but when the heat starts to reach high temperatures It's important to remember a few things to avoid heat -related injuries.

"I drink a ton of water and I won't let myself go without getting in some shade for very long," said Jessica Waldrupe.

If she knows her and her son will be out in the heat, she'll make sure to give him what he needs to stay hydrated.

"Plenty of water and anytime before we go out he eats a lot of fruit in the mornings to make sure he's got a lot of liquid down in him," said

She also keeps him cool with summer time snacks. Something she knows he'll like and will help cool him off.

"I do a lot of the sugar free popsicles to because that's a good way to get him to want to take something," said Waldrupe.

A lot of heat can mean some serious sun and besides trying to avoid heat exhaustion or a heat stroke

It's just as important to protect yourself from the sun.

"We brought a lot of water and put a lot of sun screen on them," said Stormey Chastain. "We brought it with us in case we need to reapply it."

Protecting your eyes is also something to keep in mind. Not just for yourself but for children as well.

"I make sure that I drink a lot of fluids so I don't get dehydrated and I make sure that I put on sun screen because I'll burn just as bad and that we both have sunglasses," said Brittany Guntharp.

Extreme heat danger not only affects people. Never leave children or pets in the car. Guntharp said she brings her dogs inside if she running errands.

"I really won't bring her unless I can bring her wherever I'm going because I will not leave her in the car due to this heat," said Guntharp.

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