MAPC approves Kroger's request to move to old Indian Mall lot

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - What was once home to the Indian Mall might soon be home to a new, 123,000 square foot Kroger marketplace and fuel station.

"We are excited about the development. Feel it is a good fit for that one block area," Otis Spriggs with the Jonesboro Metropolitan Area Planning Commission said in Tuesday night's meeting.

Though the MAPC unanimously approved Caraland LLC and Kroger's site plan for a new Kroger across the road, it's contingent on a few things.

"Of course, Caraway Road has 25,000 vehicles a day," Mark Nichols, Jonesboro's Traffic Operations Engineer told the MAPC.

Because of the traffic on Caraway, the Jonesboro Metropolitan Planning Organization is concerned about potential traffic problems that might come with Kroger's move. The MPO has made a few requests including a deceleration lane and making the throat lengths of the entrances longer to avoid traffic woes.

It's a potential traffic increase that has businesses in that area excited.

"Caraway Road has always needed a shot in the arm in the last couple of years," Mark Taylor with Pro A/V Solutions told Region 8 News.

Taylor opened his new business at the Market Place off of Wilkins at the beginning of the year.

"We knew that in the future, there would be a lot more people to see our business and that this would be the 'market place' of Jonesboro again," Taylor said.

Just a few doors down from Taylor's business, PC Doc is also looking forward to Kroger's new store.

"I think it will really help the surrounding businesses," Tim Arwood said. "You do get some traffic, people going down to the middle school, picking their kids up...but do they really pay attention? Y'know, I mean, I think we'll actually be able to get more visibility."

If everything goes as planned and Kroger moves into their new location, those representing Kroger at Tuesday night's meeting said they don't plan to let the current location sit vacant for long.

We'll keep you updated on this story.

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