Ants "bugging" several residents around town

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – People across the area are looking to eliminate a common household pest: ants.

Have ants taken up residence in your home? Alocal exterminator says he has been gettinga lot calls from residents complaining of ants in their home.

Lance Winford, co-owner of All American Pest Control said it's due to all the rainfall this year combined with the hot temperatures.He says it's definitely a bigger problem compared to last year.

"They seemedto be regular run of the mill ants that you see," said Jonesboro resident Colleen Kemp.

But theseants are not your typical ants.

"We've had alot more calls on swarming ants this year than we did last year," Winford said.

"The lasttwo weeks we've had several people call in thinking that they have termites andit actually turns out to be ants," he said.

Nature'slittle builders are finding any way to get inside homes to locate food andshelter.

"It is a bigproblem this year trailing ants all along the sides of peoples' houses andright now it's just a lot of ant activity," he said.

And Winford said the hotterit gets, ants seem to come around more often. Kemp said she's never had a problem with ants until now.

"They camefrom my back porch and I just sprayed around my porch and it seemed to takecare of the problem," she said.

But if that doesn'twork, there are ways to keep these little armies from coming in your home.

"The best thingyou can do is try to keep it as clean as possible as you can, you know moppingyour floors is a big help," Winford said.

Waterford said when they are called out to spray for ants theyhave a six month guarantee. He says as long as they can find thesource they can eliminate the problem.

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