Class hopes to make kids safer sitters

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - St. Bernards is using a program to teach babysitters how to properly handle emergencies when caring for younger children. The class gives these future baby sitters the knowledge and skills they need to be prepared.

"We really encourage safety," said Instructor Libby Nix. "A big portion of this is talking about CPR and choking and we look at focusing on prevention that's a big part of being a safe baby sitter."

She's been teaching this class for twenty years.  Experience is what she says is key to developing good baby sitters.

"We have instructors who have done this a long time and it's a tried and true program, we've had hundreds of kids gone through this," said Nix.

The class isn't all lectures. The participants are able to be hands on by learning how to perform procedures in case of an emergency.

"Usually get a lot of positives on doing the hands on CPR and choking," said Nix.

Kate Gschwend was a participant in the class and said she wanted to take it for one specific reason.

"Learning how to do everything so I can be a better babysitter," said Kate.

Her mother Lindy said she wanted Kate to be better prepared before she started babysitting.

"It's a big responsibility for my daughter to step into someone's home and to care for their children," said Lindy.

Taking the class was a way for Kate to feel comfortable handling any situation that may occur.

"I wanted first of all for her to feel confident in that for her to understand emergency procedures, how to handle poison control and how to handle strangers coming to the door," said Lindy.

As for Kate, she gave the class a thumbs up. She recommends the class to anyone who is interested.

"It was a really good class and they should go take the class," said Kate.

The next class will take held from 8am to noon on Wednesday, July 24th at the St. Bernards Health and Wellness.

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