Teens learn self defense

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-A group of Region 8 teenagers are learning how to protect themselves.

The Black River Technical College in Paragould is hosting a RAD class for teenage girls.

RAD, or Rape Aggression Defense, is a comprehensive self defense course that begins with awareness, prevention, risk reduction and avoidance.

In addition, the class progresses on the basics of hands on defensive training.

Audra Howerton of Black River Technical College says it's a valuable class for women to take.

"It teaches specific risk reduction and risk avoidance techniques," Howerton said. "It also teachers methodology that gives them some hands on training. If someone tries to nab them or if they're attacked, they know what to do and how to try and get away. Also, how to remove themselves from situations that may place them at higher risk."

Seventeen young ladies signed up for this course because they felt they needed to be prepared.

RAD participant Kinsee Bagwell says when she heard about the class she thought it was a good idea.

"Usually girls get abducted," Bagwell said. "They seem to get into more trouble than boys do so I think it's important to have self defense for girls."

Lindsay Lewis, who is also taking the class, says she believes women young and old should take the time to participate.

"I think everyone should take this class," Lewis said. "It's really fun. You can let your anger out on the mannequins. Again it's really good back up just in case you ever did get abducted."

Girls participating in the course says this experience has also boosted their confidence and has helped them to feel prepared should they ever be attacked.

"It's really good," Bagwell commented. "It helps you out a lot for defending yourself and helps you get more powerful should someone try to abduct you."

RAD is a three day course.

Howerton says they offer classes for women at both the Pocahontas and Paragould campuses.

For more information about Black River Technical College, log onto their website.

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