Traffic monitor helps crack down on Main Street speeders

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - There's no denying the growth on Main Street Jonesboro over the past decade. It's not just an increase in motorists and businesses though. More and more pedestrians frequent the area as well.

The Jonesboro Police Department wants motorists to be more aware of how fast they drive down Main Street.

The posted speed limit is 25 miles an hour.

"Naturally, you're gonna go 30 or 35," Ted Herget told Region 8 News.

"It's hard with a lot of foot traffic to monitor this. Being one way and such a small street," Sgt. George Martin with JPD said.

In order to help them monitor how fast motorists are going, they've set up a traffic monitor to help remind people to slow down.

"It will flash until they go that speed limit or below," Martin explained. "Some still come through here and they don't care what their speed limit is."

Something Herget, who owns Gearhead Outfitters in Downtown Jonesboro, can attest to.

"They've registered people going at 69 miles an hour right down here," Herget said. "70 miles an hour, that's frightening. That's interstate speed."

Not only does he have two stores on Main Street that are connected by a crosswalk, he also raises two children in the area.

"Customers, running from the bike shop across the street, one child gets loose and some knuckle head is cruising at 35 miles an hour...there's nothin'...I mean, he can't react fast enough," Herget said.

Both Herget and Martin hope that a gentle reminder from police will slow down motorists on Main.

"With the slower speeds, they can react to the person walking in the crosswalk," Martin said.

"It's super effective. When that's out, it kind of gives people a visual of how fast they are going," Herget told Region 8 News. Something he said helps make it safer for pedestrians. "We have, we being the pedestrian, have the right of way through the crosswalk."

"We want these people safe, we want the other motorists safe," Martin said. "Just remember to watch your speed."

Martin told Region 8 News that JPD puts out the traffic monitor if they've received complaints about speeding in a certain area. He said they will also put it out if there is an event coming up, like the DARE to Ride Biker Classic in Jonesboro this weekend.

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