Blytheville proposes new road project

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - The City of Blytheville is proposing a $3.1 million road construction project to be considered for funding through the State Aid Street Fund.

Blytheville Mayor James Sanders says the money would be used to make needed improvements from Byrum Road to Division, a high traffic area that includes school zones.

"What I'm trying to do is to see if we can get some State Aid (Street Fund) money that can come in and put sidewalks, to curb, gutter, and do that to those streets."

The State Aid Street Fund is a program available through Amendment 1, a half-cent temporary sales tax passed by Arkansas voters in Nov. 2012. The purpose of the tax is to fund a four-lane highway that connects all parts of Arkansas, and to provide counties and cities with money for local street improvements.

Nellie Lollar and her two daughters live on West Ash Street, one of the roads included in the proposal."The streets are in much need of repair. They have potholes all over the place. The gutters get trash stuck in them. The roads are always flooding every time it rains," she said.A state board met Thursday to discuss the proposal and decided that an engineering study would need to be done for the project in Blytheville before the funding is approved.

Mayor Sanders says the project would be for high traffic areas on the south end of Blytheville close to school zones and several agencies located near Byrum and Division Streets.

"The child support building is there. We have our Department of Health and Human Services there. We have of course an EOC daycare over there and all of those services right there. When we look at our street we've had so many problems since I've been in office with that street."

"My daughter Natasha goes to school on Byrum.There's no sidewalks over there. I know there's kids that walk to school and that's a dangerous area, especially with that four-way stop being there," Lollar said. 

The proposal will be discussed again at the next meeting in September.

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