Biker Classic revs up business for Downtown Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Businesses in Downtown Jonesboro say that the DARE to Ride Biker Classic weekend is the biggest event of the year and they've been prepping for this three day weekend for about as many months.

The veteran restaurants already know what's coming.

"It was such a whirlwind the whole time, there was constantly people coming in and out," Manager at Skinny J's, Sarah Reeves told Region 8 News about last year's event.

Even the rookie eateries have been given the heads up for what to expect.

"From what everyone's saying, you're talking triple the numbers you normally do," General Manager and Owner of Vinos 305 said.

Which means they're bringing in more food.

"I think we've overbought but...y'know, that's a good thing," Corzine said.

"We get a lot of burgers ready for Biker Classic Weekend, a ton of 'em," Reeves said. "We probably triple the amount of burgers."

Staffers have been told to prepare for a long weekend.

"I need to see a death certificate from somebody or a body. Yeah, it's one of those things where you have to be here," Corzine said.

Even with Main Street shut down to through traffic, the DARE to Ride Biker Classic Weekend serves as a huge draw to Downtown Jonesboro each year.

"From what I understand, from what I'm told, the busiest weekend, the biggest event of the year," Corzine said. Vinos 305 hadn't yet opened up in Downtown Jonesboro for last year's DARE to Ride Biker Classic.

"We see a lot of new people that have maybe never even seen Skinny J's didn't even know that we were here, didn't know much about the downtown Jonesboro area," Reeves explained. "It's really good because they'll be walking up and down and taking it in and some of the different vendors will be open...some of the different shops downtown will actually set up out front."

Though Corzine has only seen pictures of what the Biker Classic weekend brings, he's glad the City of Jonesboro draws such a huge crowd for this weekend.

"I've been in Memphis and Little Rock and other places like that...for those guys to get an event this size here and to pull it off the way that they do, you can't say enough as a local business owner as for what that's going to do for us," Corzine said.

The weekend will be finished off with the raffle of the 2013 Victory Vegas 8 Ball Motorcycle. Tickets for $10 from multiple locations downtown up until early Saturday afternoon. All of those proceeds go to the DARE Program.

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