How To Receive KAIT's Digital Channels

To experience the unprecedented clarity that digital TV from KAIT offers, you will need a 'high definition' television monitor - a 'HDTV' that also includes a tuner that allows you receive the digital signal. This tuner will need to be attached to an external antenna, just as viewers have done for years with our 'analog' signal.

However, you can still receive the special programming we are beginning to offer via our digital channels on your existing television. You are now able to purchase at most electronics retailers, a 'digital receiver'. This receiver, attached to an external antenna, allows you to receive our digital signal and feed it to your existing television via audio/video cables (with RCA jacks). This is similar to how you attach an extra device such as a DVD or VCR player. Note that your existing television must have RCA connectors for video-in and audio-in.

Please call KAIT's engineering department at (870)931-8888, if you have any questions.