Cherokee Village police step up patrols after home break-ins

CHEROKEE VILLAGE, AR (KAIT) – Police in Cherokee Village havestepped up their patrols after an unusually high number of home break-insrecently.

Chief Rickey Crook says the police department has gottenreports of at least 15 residential burglaries during the month of June alone.

"It's pretty unusual," Chief Crook says. "We normally don'thave even half that many in a month's time."

What's even more alarming to him is that 10 of the break-inshave happened during the daytime.

"They're taking laptop computers, jewelry, coins, otherelectronics, televisions and medications," he says.

Crook says the break-ins have happened all over the village,making patrols more difficult. That's why he asked officers from neighboringagencies – including Hardy, Highland and the Sharp County Sheriff's Office – tocome into town this week and blanket the area.

"We covered Cherokee Village up with patrol officers for thebiggest part of a day and just tried to flush out the people that were doingthis," he says.

Crook says the police department has made some more contactsand developed a few suspects, but still has nothing solid. He does suspect thatthe same person or persons is responsible for the break-ins because of whattime they occurred and what items were taken.

He is now asking residents to watch out for each other'shomes and to report anything suspicious because any information could proveuseful.

"Just take note of who's in your area," Crook says. "Sometimesthat's the best information, just seeing someone that you know doesn't belongin the area. If you'll give us a call, let us come check them out, it may solvea crime."

People can report anything strange or suspicious to policeby calling either 911 or Cherokee Village police at 870-257-5225.

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