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New law to limit hours for truckers

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT)- Starting next month, truckers will be spending less time on the road.

On July 1st, the government will begin enforcing a new law that will cut the numbers of hours truckers spend on the road from 82 hours to 70 hours. 

With this new law, there will be a high demand to hire more truckers. 

"We get calls almost daily from recruiters who want to come in and recruit the students and we allow them to come," said Robert Summers, division chair of ASU-Newport Business and Transportation Technology.

Summers said lately there has been a high demand for truck drivers.

 "Over the last few months we are having more and more of the transportation industry calling us and asking us about our services about what we have available," he said.

Lead truck driving instructor Bobby Forrester has taught at the school for 12 years and said they run a 4 -week program that starts every three weeks.  

"We start training them to pass the CDL test which is basically a precept inspection that you have to learn, backing skills in other words getting into a dock," Forrester said.

He said the students will also learn normal maneuvers called range maneuvers.

"Then we put them into the trucks and carry them on the road and the have to be able to pass the CDL road test," Forrester said.

Before getting behind the wheel students also have a chance to use the simulator. Summers said they have an average class of about 10 students but is always looking for more to come aboard.

"Right now we are beginning to see that there is going to be more of a demand for truck drivers," Summers said. 

If you are interested in being a part of the trucking program you can call 870-512-7887 to find out if you qualify.

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