Prevent crime before you hit the beach

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Summer is one of the busiest times of the year for vacation plans. However, the excitement of going to the beach can sometimes cause families to forget important advice to prevent burglaries or theft.

"You just want to make it appear like somebody is home," said Jonesboro officer Josh Beasley.

There are a few things you can do to trick others into believing someone is always around.

"Have lights with timers that just come on during random times," said Beasley.

When leaving town it's good to let someone you trust know to keep an eye out while you're away.

Also, ask them to pick up any deliveries so it doesn't appear that no one is home.

"Try to avoid letting the newspapers pile up on the drive way for a long time," said Beasley.

You can also call your local police department to let them know you will be gone. They can help make sure no suspicious activity is going on.

"You can call and add your house to the extra patrol list and we've got a computer in the car with extra patrols on there and we'll see your house on there and do extra drive by's," said Beasley.

If you're driving to your destination and you get pulled over, it's ok to wait till you're in a well-populated and lit area.

"Make sure it is an actual officer and park under some lights," said Beasley.

Never stop for stranded motorists without calling for assistance beforehand. If someone looks like they need a ride, do not pick them up. It's best to wait for an officer to help them.

"Hitchhiking is illegal here in Arkansas," said Beasley. "Just don't pick up the hitch hikers."

While staying in a hotel make sure to bring all luggage into your room. Never leave anything valuable in your car. Also, limit the amount of cash in your wallet.

"Make sure to keep a small amount of cash on you," said Beasley.

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