Wynne businesses impacted by recent flooding

WYNNE, AR (KAIT)- Several businesses in Wynne are dealing with flooding Tuesday following heavy rains on Monday.

 Businesses on Falls Blvd had about a foot and a half of flooding Monday,something that a city official says has not happened in 15 years.

"I've neverseen this happen and I know a lot of the people in the community have said thatthey've never seen this happen like this," said Shelby Bowles, cosmetologist at VIP Hair Designs on Falls Blvd.

 Bowles said everything happened in about 2hours.

"We went andlooked out the front and the street was just covered and it rose real, realquick," Bowles said.

Shelby posted a video on her Facebook page that shows cars stuck on Falls Blvd and the streets washed out.

"It stayedfor a while it was raining rally hard but I'm gonna say within 20 minutes afterthe rain quit that water went way down," she said.

 And across the street, Mohr Sports was alsodealing with flooding.

"It came upabout 20 feet inside the store, it was about an inch deep in some places," said JessicaWilliams, owner of Mohr Sport.

"We hadthree Shop Vacs going to get it all cleaned up and we ran a fan all night," she said.

Some of the businesses on Falls Blvd were forced to open late Tuesday because of the flood waters in their business.

"That's thefirst time I've seen downtown Wynne, Arkansas flood in probably 15 years," said Jerry Brewster, director of Wynne Public Works. 

Brewster said there were reports of aboutfive inches of rain in just over an hour.

"This townis not prepared for that," Brewster said.

"Water inWynne goes from east to west so if you live on the west side, it's eventuallyall going to get to you," he said.

Brewstersays the city does drainage work every day to help with the flooding.

"It's got to come a fast hard rain for it tohappen on a general rain day we don't have any flooding problems," he said.

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