President Bush Campaigns in Poplar Bluff

September 06, 2004--Posted at 10:30 p.m. CDT

POPLAR BLUFF-- Monday, September 6th,'s a day that will go down in history in Poplar Bluff.

This was the first time a sitting president has visited the southeast Missouri community in Butler County.  President George W. Bush addressed a crowd of over 25, 000 very excited people on Monday afternoon.

He addressed issues ranging from health care to Region 8 farmers.  For several minutes, Bush talked about the issues facing the Middle East, and he encouraged Americans to rally behind the troops fighting overseas.  Bush added that at this time, it is imperative that Americans, stick together and rally behind each other.  He spoke to the crowd for about 45 minutes, taking several breaks to allow for crowd ovations.

When the speech was over, folks said they were very pleased with his speech, and are honored that the President of the United States visited Poplar Bluff.Even though the heat, humidity, wind, and rain dampened Bush's cheering fans, it didn't dampen their spirits.