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Jonesboro -- Heather Flanigan Reports

City, Not School, Making Streets Safer At South Elementary

September 7, 2004 -- Posted at 4:42 p.m. CDT

JONESBORO -- It was one week ago today that second grader Brian Davis died when he collided with a school bus in front of South Elementary School in Jonesboro. Since then, parents have voiced their concerns about traffic in the area.

Marilyn Copeland, Director of Secondary Education for Jonesboro Public Schools said, “I'm not sure if it was coincidental,” when the city painted a new crosswalk in front of South Elementary.

Coincidental or not, there are now two new crosswalks in front of South Elementary. And it all comes in the wake of the death of Davis.

“It's very beneficial to have a crosswalk. It's educating the public to make sure they understand that the pedestrian has the right away in those crosswalks and they need to be driving very carefully along that area,” said Copeland.

The City of Jonesboro repainted one crosswalk that was covered during a repavement project and added a new one at the corner of Rosemond Avenue and Frierson Street. “We're pleased with anything the city can do to assist us and we appreciate them coming in and taking care of that,” said Copeland.

However, the school did not make a request to the city for the crosswalk. Copeland said, “We really have had no contact with them at this time.”

The crosswalks were added last Thursday, only two days after Davis died after his bicycle collided with a school bus, but some parents say it's too little, too late.

Parent Sabrina Burns said, “In my opinion, no. I don’t think the school's doing enough to keep the kids safe on the streets. I think there could have been more done to prevent it from happening.”

“I think anyway you can protect the students it needs to be done. I think they need to work on some scheduling with the buses as well. They have the buses there in park before they let the students out. I think that would be another additional thing that they could do to help protect our kids,” said one parent.

Copeland says the school is still reviewing ways to make the campus safer. “Right now it's strictly a reviewing the present plan, seeing if there's anything that we would want to do different in the future and that's still under review at this time,” said Copeland.

K8 news tried to contact the Jonesboro Interim Street Superintendent, City Engineer and Mayor for this story. No one was available for comment.

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