Construction Begins on The Mall at Turtle Creek

September 7, 2004--Posted at 6:02 pm CDT, updated at 8:08 a.m.

JONESBORO -- If you've driven through the intersection at Highland Drive and Stadium Boulevard lately, you've probably noticed that construction is finally underway on The Mall at Turtle Creek.

C onstruction on Jonesboro's new mall was supposed to begin in June, but mall developers Belz- Burrow suffered a setback concerning a nearby drainage ditch, which cost them about sixty days of construction time. As Bruce Burrow watches over the mall property from his nearby office balcony, he says the setback was minor. "W e've purchased all the houses we needed, we've closed on financing and as you can see we're creating a lot of dust," said Burrow.

Project director Larry Hipsh says the dirt is moving right on schedule. "Right now we are at the beginning phase of stripping off the top soil and moving any undesirable soil so we can build either parking lots or buildings on top of it," said Hipsh.

Construction workers are working from sun-up to sundown seven days a week in order to stay on track and move onto the next phase of construction. "V ery soon we'll start putting concrete in the ground so that we can start erecting the steel," said Hipsh.

After the steel goes up, the buildings will start taking shape. Target and JC Penny will be the first stores to go under construction. The mall will open in sections as it's completed. The first half of the mall is scheduled to open in September of 2005, the rest will open in 2006. A s of right now, Burrow says developers expect to offer shoppers about 100 kiosks and stores under one roof.