With temps in the triple digits, everyone looks for ways to beat the heat

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- As temperatures heat up Thursday to a high of 102, local residents are taking measures to stay cool.

The high temperaturesare keeping a lot of people inside today, but not everyone had that option. Withthe heat index exceeding 100° today, it was tough for those who make theirliving under the sun.

"We got 2 or 3 water kegs on the job, wetrying to work in the shade right now as you can see which we been chasing theshade around all day," said construction worker, Travis Rodden.

Rodden is working on the new Focus Bank on Stadium Blvd and says theymake sure to take water breaks.

"We take 2or 3 or as many as a person feels they need to take," he said. "I try tocover my head as you can tell."

Coveringyour head can help, but a lifeguard at the Jonesboro Pool Center says you mightneed to do more.

"Sunscreenand lots of hydration, lots of water out here," said Matthew Nadzam, head lifeguard.

Nadzem said they have enoughlifeguards on staff so they can take shorter shifts.

"We have 6lifeguards on duty and we have a 7th who is our rover who is alwayswalking around making sure we have plenty of water and plenty of sunscreen," he said.

With thesetoasty temps, he says they also have to keep an extra eye on the kids.

"Make surethey don't get heat exhaustion," Nadzam said. "When you're tired, accidents are a little morecommon people might slip and fall if you are not watching them a little closer."

One parentsays she takes certain precautions when bringing her kids out in the sun.

"Wedefinitely make sure to put sunscreen on at least an half-hour before we bringthem out," said parent Charmaine Vellozo.

And if allelse fails just wait until it's cooler.

"Definitelytry to keep your kids out of the sun as much as you can and keep yourselves outof the sun," she said.

More tips for staying cool include: having a balloon fight, putting a bowl of ice in from of a fan, placing a wet sheet in the open window, freeze your shower gel before using, go ice skating or visit an air-conditioned mall, library or museum.

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