Storms knock tree on top of house in Jonesboro

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Wednesday night's storms came pretty close to causing quite a bit of damage to one Jonesboro resident's home...

James Robinson lives on Woodsprings Road and told Region 8 News he's glad he wasn't home when a large oak tree fell right on top of his house.

"I went to dinner and when I came home from dinner things looked...different," James "Buster" Robinson said.

A large oak tree in Robinson's yard came down on top of his house.

"It was a good place for the chimney to catch it. May have to replace the whole chimney, I don't know...if it crumbled down inside," Robinson said regarding the damage.

He said he actually had five trees removed from his property last year.

"I took them down for safety! I guess, I took the wrong one down I guess," Robinson joked. "My big oak tree, I didn't wanna take down. I figured it'd be there forever."

Though from all outward appearances, there wasn't significant damage done to Robinson's house, "in the daytime, you might see more," Robinson said.

As a safety precaution, he said he might remove a few more trees that sit near his home.

"Don't want anymore rooftops caved in!"

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