Local termite control urges households to check trees

Tree crashed onto home on Woodsprings Road Thursday
Tree crashed onto home on Woodsprings Road Thursday

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - A surprise awaited James Robinson and his grandson, Curtis, Thursday night when they returned home from dinner. A tree crashed into their home during the storms.

But that was not the only surprise. The family later found that termites completely devoured one side of the tree.

"My big oak tree I didn't wanna take down. I figured that'd be there forever, you know," Robinson said.

But Ken Winford with All American Pest Control said trees can't live that long without proper treatment. "They should be concerned about the termites that are in the soil around their house. Termites live in the soil and they work their way up from the soil. If they're dead trees, it's a real good bet that they have termites in them. The termites will even eat the roots of dead trees and then they work their way up from there."

But now, Winford said it's not just dead trees you have to be worried about. "We've got new termites coming that are moving this way called formosans and they eat live wood as well."

Winford said you need to thoroughly treat your entire property to avoid surprises like this. "We treat every inch of the exterior of the house. All the walls, the plumbing entry, everything. And once that's done, that will kill any termites that are there. Any termites that come in contact with that chemical whether it's on the outside of the house or the inside of the house will die."

But Winford said you do not need to treat your property on a regular basis. "If it's treated properly with the right chemical, years and years and years."

Winford said his company has been in the pest control business for 16 years and has yet to re-treat someone's home.

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