NAFA rescues nearly 50 cats from Jonesboro home

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Have younoticed any stray cats on the side of the road? Stray cats are becoming a big problem inCraighead County. The Northeast Arkansans for Animals organizationrescued nearly 50 cats Saturday from one home in Jonesboro.

Residents atone home starting leaving out food for the stray cats in their neighborhood and in no time, 5 felines turned to 50.

"Today, theNAFA raid team is going to go out to the LMJ trailer park and we are going totry to eliminate  the massive cat problemthat going on out there," said Wannda Turner, executive director of Northeast Arkansans for Animals.

Turner saidone home in particular has been swarmed with cats.

"They can nolonger take care of them," Turner said. "These arecats that they started out with an or people have dumped or people in thetrailer park have moved off and left."

On Saturday, the NAFA team rescued as many cats as they could.

"We're goingto get everything out the inside of the home and we are going to provide themwith some things that they can spray the home with to kill the fleas and pestsinside," she said.

Turner said about100 stray cats have been spotted in this neighborhood.

"This is not even extraordinary compared to otherplaces in Jonesboro where the cat population is out of control," she said.

She sayscats carry diseases that can be harmful and contagious.

"State law says it's against the law to leavebehind, to abandon, to dump any animal," Turner said . She said theywill revisit this neighborhood in just over a week to pick up even more cats.

"We will puta letter campaign to all the neighboring houses and trailers to say beginningJuly 8th we will start trapping cats in this neighborhood," she said.

Turner saidit's important residents avoid leaving food outside their house because itdraws in cats and other harmful animals.

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