Amendment 91 may affect business and customers

JONESBORO, ARE (KAIT) - The first of the month brings in certain tax changes to Arkansas through Amendment 91, a half-cent sales tax dedicated to road construction and repairs that voters approved last November. The new state-sales and use-tax could affect both businesses and their customers. Designer, Amy White with Swank Furniture says it depends on each customer's budget.

"I don't know if I think it affects the business but every little bit counts and right now and people are paying attention to how much they're spending," said White.

She said she's happy it won't affect her budget where it matters most.

"At the grocery store it seems that prices just go up each time you go," said White.

Shopper MaHaley Trantham feels the tax increase most likely won't affect her because she takes the time to find the best deals.

"I'm a real bargain shopper and look for the lowest prices on anything so I don't really think it will affect me much," said Trantham.

However, for those who are not as thrifty the changes could put a damper on their dollar.

"It could affect some people in the long run if they like to spend a lot of money at one time," said Trantham.

The road projects funded through Amendment 91 will improve safety while creating more than 40,000 jobs.

"Although, it may hurt the penny each time you go to the store, I think it the long run it will pay off," said White.

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