Rector authorities investigating graffiti in city

RECTORS, AR (KAIT) – Several buildings and street signs have been vandalized by graffiti in Rector, including their Veterans Memorial. Residents and city officials are angered by the disrespect to their town.

"There is nothing funny about Veterans who have served their country and they're being disrespected," said Director of Northeast Arkansas Innovative Training Center Janet Manchester. "That's not a sign of humor in my mind."

The Northeast Arkansas innovative training center was one of many buildings to be vandalized. However, Manchester said she was more upset by the lack of respect for their Veterans.

"I was very upset with the number of buildings and the amount of damage that was done with the graffiti but I was really dismayed that someone would disrespect our Veterans Memorial," said Manchester.

Chief of Police Glenn Leach who serves as Co Chairman for the Veterans Memorial says it will take more than soap and water to get the graffiti out.

"There's going to be possibly hand sanding on the marble on the remembrance wall for those deceased," said Chief Leach. "I find it offensive to the city of Rector and all Veterans."

Other buildings vandalized include schools, churches and the Rector Public Library but the graffiti didn't stop there.

"City property, private property and streets stop signs were also vandalized," said Chief Leach.

Chief Leach said they were able to catch the juveniles responsible with help from residents.

"A lot of people in the community came forward and gave information," said Leach.

Rector Police are still looking for one more possible suspect. Those already caught have been charged with criminal mischief and have been sited to Juvenile Authorities in Clay County.

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