District Court now offers online payment option

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Instead of long lines and hours of waiting, Craighead County residents can now pay their court fees online.

The Craighead County District Court now offers a payment system, allowing residents to pay their fines, bonds and tickets online. The district court charges residents seven percent of what they owe to use this new service.

District Court Clerk Joe Monroe said paying the fine may not save you money, but it saves you a headache. "The lines get really long at the windows. It has gone from the front window all the way back to the courtroom door."

Monroe said limited space and limited personnel cause this traffic. He said he hopes to see shorter lines as more people start using the online service. "It's steadily increasing as people become aware of what we're doing now."

Monroe said the amount of online payments has jumped from about $6,000 thousand in May to more than $14,000 in June.

To pay your fine on-line, visit the district court's website, click on "Services," then click on the link below "Pay District Court Fines," select your division, and finally fill out your information. Instead of driving to the office and waiting in line, residents can now pay their fine in five steps. Monroe said he receives a confirmation of your payment in seconds. "It's a good win-win situation."

The district court is also looking beyond these fines to also allowing people to post their own bonds from the jail and police department after hours. Monroe said this will allow them to swipe their card and be on their way, saving everyone time. "Time in jail. It saves the county money as far as having to feed and, you know, house them."

Monroe said this new bond payment service will turn a process that usually takes a couple weeks into minutes. He said the district court will implement it by the end of July.

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