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Hospital looking to fill several job openings

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)- Are you looking for a job? You might want to apply to NEA Baptist Hospital.

NEA Baptist has hired about 210 new employees in the past few months and is looking to hire 200 more.

Several businesses in Jonesboro are starting to lay off employees from local factories so more people are starting to look for work. NEA Baptist is looking for jobs ranging from janitors to respiratory therapists.

"Due to that growth we will be continuing to hire throughout the summer," said James Keller, director of human resources. "We have a host of different jobs we are looking to fill actually."

Keller said they have jobs for various skill level and education level.

"We have positions in our food service, housekeeping and a host of different other positions," Keller said. "We are looking for respiratory therapists, we're looking for pharmacy techs, radiology techs, all kinds MRI, CT."

Once hired all employees will have orientation followed by a training program.

"Everybody will go through a rigorous training program to get acclimated to our new campus," he said. "Our goal right now is to get everybody trained on the new campus even our existing."

With the hospital moving date scheduled for the fall, NEA wants to make sure they are fully staffed before opening day. 

"We offer a competitive salary and a complete benefits package that I feel is unmatched in the area," Keller said. "We have plenty of positions that would require you to be 18 years of age and have a high school education, all the way up to some positions require a doctorate."

He said the pay is based on several factors like the type of job and the experience level.

"If you don't see the job you're interested in now we will continue to post through the remainder of July, into August and September so just keep looking," Keller said.

Some jobs NEA Baptist is looking to fill are: nurse, controller, medical assistant, medical records clerk, physician assistant, physicians relations manager, customer service coordinator, medical technologist, housekeeper, occupational therapist.

You can apply and see a complete list at

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