Officials Say No Excuses Not to Get Prostate Screening

September 8, 2004--Posted 5:30 pm CDT

Jonesboro, AR--September is prostate cancer awareness month, and next week Region 8 men have the opportunity to be tested for the disease free of charge at the annual St Bernards Prostate Cancer Screening.  Hundreds of men will turn out for the free screening that could save their lives, and officials are hoping something as small as a little pride will not keep anyone away.


“We don’t find it embarrassing,” Clinical Educator Danny Kee says, “it is a life threatening illness.”  Kee knows what patients expect.  His job is to train local nurses to make patients with illnesses like prostate cancer to concentrate on the disease and not the individual.  “Every person is an individual and we will respond in an individual manner.” Kee’s says.


This year KAIT is also active in community awareness of the event through news stories like this one and other public messages.  KAIT General Manager Clyde Anderson says “You have to create awareness and there are a lot of men out there who just didn’t know about.”  Officials hope that will change this year with more awareness and fewer myths about the disease and how to treat the disease.