ANC fuels student commutes

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT)  – Arkansas Northeastern College is implementing a gas assistance program to help students with commuting costs.

The Trimue Pathways Travel Stipend provides students enrolled in certain certificate programs with a $40 gas card every two weeks.

In order to receive the gas card, students must meet with their advisors every two weeks.

"The magic of the program is not so much the extra money for gasoline as it is the intrusive advising that occurs. Every time the student comes in to see that advisor they go through the student's goals and they review progress," said ANC President Dr. James Shemwell. "They determine whether sufficient progress is being made, if a student's going to class."

The program is funded through a gift to the ANC Foundation. Gas cards will be given to students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

"The Trimue family donated 1,500 acres locally, and we use those farm rents each year to fund different scholarship programs," said Dr. Shemwell. "We've committed $100,000 dollars to this program."

The program will begin in Fall 2013.  Students who are enrolled in the following certificate programs are eligible to request the stipend during registration.

Air conditioning and refrigeration

Automotive technology

Childcare development

Clerical support

Dental assisting


Aviation maintenance

General industry

Patient care technology


Dr. Shemwell says the eligible programs were selected based on local job demand. "What we're trying to do is incentivize people to enter those programs," he said.

The Trimue Pathways Travel Stipend is also expected to "bridge the gap" for a loss in funding of a similar stipend program through the state-funded Arkansas Career Pathways Initiative, a program for adults facing economic challenges.

"Career Pathways program statewide has had a significant budget cut and that will affect a lot of our students in the past who had been able to access that program."

Registration for the fall semester will end Friday, August 16, 2013.

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