Piggott Celebrates 86th Fourth of July Picnic

PIGGOTT, AR (KAIT) - As America celebrates 237 years of independence, the town of Piggott celebrated with their 86th Fourth of July Picnic.

"We have a lot of people that come back here, kin folk and friends that always come back," said coordinator Mike Patterson.

It's a celebration he hopes stays around for generations to come.

"People in other towns don't have this and we're lucky that we do have this so it's something we want to continue and keep going forever," said Patterson.

The parade makes its way through town and is something the entire community gets involved in.

"We have churches, cities, counties and it's amazing all that goes on," said Patterson. "We have fire departments and different organizations."

Not only is it just a celebration for the community, the picnic helps raise money for a special part of their town.

"The Cemetery Association puts this on and proceeds from the picnic go towards Piggott Cemetery Association," said Patterson.

Patterson said besides friends and family and a lot of food and fun, he enjoys seeing the town give back to those who call Piggott home.

"We give three $5,000 checks out and to see some of those people win that money, it's nice to see that," said Patterson.

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