Newport Church holds first service after it's destroyed by fire

NEWPORT, AR (KAIT) – Newport's Church of God held its first service Sunday since their church burned down early Friday morning. Pastor Ricky Poole said he's been overwhelmed from the generosity of so many in the community.

Church service was held at the Newport Pentecostal Church of God Youth Center. Although, several churches have reached out to help, they are not the only ones in town looking to ease some of the stress.

"Dillinger Funeral Home and their staff have opened up their chapel and offered that to us to let us have services as well," said Pastor Poole.

People from all over town have sent words of encouragement.

"We've received facebook messages, emails and texts," said Pastor Poole. "It's just been constant of people telling us they're praying for us."

Pastor Poole said the loss of their church has been tough on the congregation but he continues to stay strong and hopes to lift their spirits.

"The thing is not to look back and regret what's happened but just look at this as a new opportunity," said Pastor Poole.

With the support of so many who have come forward to heal some of the hurt, Pastor Poole said he is forever grateful.

"No way could we pay for the gratitude for what people have already done," said Pastor Poole.

Pastor Poole said it will take some time to begin the rebuilding process. He plans to hold services in different locations for the next six months.

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