ASU uses robots to help kids learn and have fun

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The ASU Community Outreach program held the second part of their robotics program on Monday.

The Robotics Class is part of ASU's technology camp where students build robots. The class allows them to be hands on and embrace their creativity. They also use skills they've learned in school.


"This is a way to get them to look at math, science, engineering and stem disciplines and do it in a fun and exciting way," said Professor Dr. Edward Hammerand.


Dr. Hammerand said the creativity in the classroom pushes students to want to learn more in school.


"Their science and math teachers are getting a chance to explain something to someone who is anxious rather than it just coming up on the syllabus," said Dr. Hammerand.


It's important to keep a student's mind active during the summer months. Program participant, Gunnar George, said it's one reason he wanted to take the class.


"I mean you don't want to just drop the things you learned in school," said George. "You can't just take it in and stop because then you'll forget about it."


Allowing students to create and build the robots gives them an experience they normally would not have in a classroom.


"It's a real moment in teaching that you just can't get out of a text book and chalkboard," said Dr. Hammerand.


For some students, the possibilities are endless.


"I like programming the robot because I like to see what I can make them do," said Program participant Skylar Whitehurst.

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