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Animal control searching for who cut out dog's tongue

Animal control officers in Henderson County are still attempting to track down the person who brutally mutilated a family pet. 

What officials say recently happened to a four-year-old lab mix is upsetting. He belongs to the Bryan family, who live on Powell Street in Henderson.

Buddy lost a leg a few years ago, but recovered. Now, the Bryan's are offering a reward about a different incident.

They say about a week ago they noticed Buddy wasn't eating. When they took him to the vet, they got some extremely disturbing news.

The vet told them Buddy's tongue had been cut out of his mouth.

The Bryan's say they leave Buddy in their backyard during the day. Right now, he's back home and the Bryan's are trying to feed him a special kind of food through a syringe. 

Animal Control says they are involved and, they say they don't have much to go on and need tips from the public.

"People not feeding an animal or watering it properly, that's neglect or abuse. This is torture. This is a felony as a matter of fact and I'm going to charge someone with a felony if I find out who it is," supervising animal control officer Michael Burkes said.

"If they can do this to an animal, they can do this to a child or to an elderly person. Those are the three things that's defenseless in my eyes," said Loria Bryan, Buddy's owner.

Animal Control in Henderson County say this isn't the only animal torture case they've heard about in the same area of town.

If you have any information about who may have done this, contact Henderson County Animal Control at (270) 826-8966 or the Bryan family at (270) 724-0477.

A 14 News Facebook friend, who wants to remain anonymous has offered a $500 reward for information in this case.

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