High school students expand medical knowledge in hospital program

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Agroup of Region 8 students use part of their summer break to prepare for theirfuture.

Arkansas Methodist MedicalCenter in Paragould is hosted the Medical Application of Science for Health, or"MASH".

This program allowsstudents to get hands on experience in a variety of different areas found inthe medical field.

15 students from severalschools in Region 8 are participating in the program.

Shannon Gomer is the Director of Education atArkansas Methodist Medical Center and she says the program always showssuccess.

"It lets them know that this is actuallysomething that they want to pursue.  Thatthey can kind of see firsthand, get hands on experience and actually see it inaction.  And let them kind of weed out,know for sure that this is what they want to do", says Gomer.

The two-week program includes heart dissections,suturing and labs.

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