Police: 3 car pileup, 8 hospitalized with minor injuries

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Jonesboro police responded to the scene of a three-car pileup where eight people were sent to the hospital.

Police say a red Dodge Challenger rear-ended a car near Central Baptist Church on Harrisburg Road and caused it to hit a van.

Jonesboro police say the entire accident could have been prevented with precautionary driving.

"If the car in front of you stops leave enough room to come to a stop if something was to happen that you had to step on your brakes.  That's the point of this accident, here.  She wasn't leaving enough room and she ended up catching the vehicle in front of her and then causing a head-on collision," said Officer Blake Anderson.

While 8 of the 9 people in the vehicles were sent to the hospital, Officer Anderson said they all appeared to have minor injuries.

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